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Re: [xmca] Hallucinating Romantic Science

The video that HUW pointed to, which accompanies the second edition of
the *Making
of Mind *(and which someone copied that interview from and posted somewhere
on the web), provides a good deal of the Sacks-Luria
linkage, Greg.

Larry-- I believe Rick Schweder (his essay in Culture Theory for example),
is more concerned about the "anthropological rebellion against the
enlightenment". He starts with Goethe, but includes a string of people
whose ideas it would take some work to link to Sacks or to Luria's
particular take on romantic science , but it could be worth the effort.
Shweder: "A central idea of the romanticist view holds that ideas and
practices fall beyond the scope of deductive and inductive reason, that
ideas and practices are neither rational nor irrational but *non*rational"

With respect to the following conjecture:

> I wonder if the cultural historical understanding of human nature existing
> within the "gap" between time T and time T+1 can be linked to
> Shweder's notion of the existential search for meaning as ALWAYS UNCERTAIN?

For me the answer is yes. I will try to find an article where I make the
connection between mediated human experience and "existential uncertainty."
I believe it also speaks to the central role of imagination in
human thought.

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