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Re: [xmca] consciousness and conscious awareness as phronesis

Hi Larry,

Yes, it seems to me that Shotter is drawing a distinction that LSV would have been happy with:

"the major differences, as well as some of the useful relations that might exist, between ‘coolly rational’ thought about systems from the outside, and the more animated thinking of practitioners from within the systems in which they function as, so the speak, ‘participant parts’."

Lower and higher psychological functions, no? I don't agree with him, though, that the distinction is quite as novel to psychology as he seems to believe. The differentiation of "system 1" and "system 2" in reasoning, and between "system X" (refleXive) and "system C" (refleCtive") in social neuroscience - and the presumed equivalence of the two (that's to say that the cognition is instantiated by the neurophysiology) seems pretty generally accepted today. And I just stumbled across as article from 1993 that makes a similar point:

Clark, A., & Karmiloff-Smith, A. (1993). The cognizer's innards: A psychological and philosophical perspective on the development of thought. Mind & Language, 8(4), 487-519.


On Jul 6, 2012, at 12:51 AM, Larry Purss wrote:

> Martin and others who were discussing *higher* mental functions and the
> general movement of consciousness to conscious awreness.
> I have just read another article by John Shotter who I believe is exploring
> the interplay of cognition and perception.
> Thought others may enjoy where his notions of  developing a particular KIND
> of orientation and therefore a particular *sense* of self
> Larry
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