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Re: [xmca] Alfred Schuetz

He was very influential to Garfinkel, and so from an intellectual
historical perspective, the development of ethnomethodology,
conversation analysis and modern sociolinguistics.

On 4/28/12, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:
> I'd just like to share the attached article, written in 1945 by Alfred
> Schuetz, a refugee from the Frankfurt School living in New York, like so
> many others. In the article he appropriates Wm James, GH Mead and J
> Dewey, whilst coming from the Pheneomenology of Husserl, to adapt the
> concepts of Pheneomenology to social theory. It is quite interesting. He
> remains, in my view within the orbit of Phenomenology, but readers will
> recognise significant points of agreement with AN Leontyev's Activity
> Theory. What he calls "Conduct" comes close to "Activity," and he
> introduces the concept of Action which is certainly the same as it is
> for CHAT, and instead of "an activity" (the 3rd level in ANL's system)
> he has "Project." But although this project has the same relation to
> Action, it is a subjectively derived project posited on the world,
> rather than project discovered in the world, and having a basically
> societal origin. This is the point at which I think he confines himself
> to Phenomenology, and fails to reach a real social theory. The whole
> business about "multiple realities" which gives the article its title is
> very tedious, but actually is valid in its basics I think.
> Some of us on this list may appreciate him. He's a recent discovery for me.
> Andy
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