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[xmca] Fwd: Call for straw poll on new Dialogic Pedagogy journal

Dear Colleagues,

You may be interested in Dialogic approaches to education. We are forwarding you this call for straw poll on a new Dialogic Pedagogy Journal. Please respond to our poll (see more information below), and feel free to send out this call to any relevant and interested groups or individuals you know. 


Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Eugene Matusov, and Mark Smith

Dr. Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Assistant Professor of Education
Chestnut Hill College
St. Joseph Hall, 4th Floor, Room #172
e-mails:  Marjanovic-ShaneA@chc.edu
Phone:    267-334-2905

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Eugene Matusov" <ematusov@udel.edu>
> Subject: Call for straw poll on new Dialogic Pedagogy journal
> Date: April 15, 2012 1:20:26 PM EDT
> Cc: "Mark Smith" <mpsmith@udel.edu>, "'Marjanovic-Shane, Ana'" <anamshane@gmail.com>
> Reply-To: <ematusov@udel.edu>
> Dear colleague–
> We write to you because you may be interested in Dialogic Pedagogy in a broader sense AND we want to check out of it is time for a new academic peer-reviewed on-line international journal on Dialogic Pedagogy in English. We want to find out if there is enough “community behind” for this journal to start. To do so we designed a very short and simple “straw poll” survey (i.e., poll without any obligation or commitment for a participant) to see if we have enough audience and workforce for the journal.
> We view the concept of “Dialogic Pedagogy” in a broader sense as communal and discursive involving diverse, multiple, often contested and contradictory definitions and educational practices. You can find one way to conceptualize its current terrain on http://diaped.soe.udel.edu/dp-map/?page_id=18.  We view a community around the concept “Dialogic Pedagogy” are all educational practitioners, researchers, students, policymakers, parents, educational designers, and so on who are interested in this concept in some honest way (no spammers or telemarketers, please, J).
> We envision that the on-line international journal will have diverse formats (e.g., dialogic peer reviews, articles with blogs, discussions of video-recorded dialogic lessons, drafts of papers in progress for feedback, round table dialogues on hot issues, wiki of key concepts, and so on) involving diverse international audience.
> Please reply to the 3-minute straw poll survey at https://delaware.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9Gkn3ESitkqJJu4 .
> Please forward this message to people and listservs who may be interested in Dialogic Pedagogy in a broader sense. The poll will be open untilJuly 15th, 2012.
> Please let us know if you have questions.
> Thanks,
> Eugene Matusov, Mark Smith, and Ana Marjanovic Shane
> ---------------------
> Eugene Matusov, Ph.D.
> Professor of Education
> School of Education
> University of Delaware
> 16 W Main st.
> Newark, DE 19716, USA
> email: ematusov@udel.edu
> fax: 1-(302)-831-4110
> website: http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu
> publications: http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu/vita/publications.htm
> Dialogic Pedagogy Forum: http://diaped.soe.udel.edu
> Matusov, E. (2009). Journey into dialogic pedagogy. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.
> ---------------------

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