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Re: [xmca] MCA Featured Article by Mike Rose

Andy, can you get them to post the comments by Norton Grubb etc? That would be pretty interesting.

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On Feb 10, 2012, at 8:49 PM, Andy Blunden wrote:

> The issue of MCA 19(1) about to be published has a Featured Article by Mike Rose: "Rethinking Remedial Education and the Academic-Vocational Divide." If all goes as promised, Taylor & Francis should be offering it for free download as of today. But a PDF is attached just in case! The issue also contains commentaries on Mike Rose's article by Norton Grubb, Kris Gutierrez, Sara Goldrick-Rab.
> The article is a scathing criticism of the US public education system, but one which makes very specific suggestions for improvement based on a life time of experience. It is also written in popularly accessible language rather than the usual academic genre. Rather than the usual practice of putting to a vote the article for discussion on xmca, it seemed crazy not to simply nominate this one. So please see attachment.
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