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Re: [xmca] Re: [Mind Culture Activity] Andy Blunden changed the group description

Well Mike, you managed to make this comment simultaneously on FaceBook and xmca. Well done. That's a first. And as a result 2 xmca-ers have just joined the FaceBook group.

What you did is something someone can do if they choose to comment on FaceBook via email (which personally I don't) and send it to two destinations at the same time. Maybe Bruce could automate that, but I really don't see any value, in general, in duplicating the sometimes-intense discussions on xmca to a little FaceBook page, unless it is specifically about FaceBook,.

But I too, would like to know what others think.

mike cole wrote:
Hi Andy-- I am a little confused about the facebook and email versions of
xmca/mca. They are somewhat different media with different social
affordances; sometimes more social stuff get done
on xmca, sometimes important theoretical ideas are discussed in the
ambience of facebook.

No experience here. What would people like?

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