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[xmca] Re: [Mind Culture Activity] Andy Blunden changed the group description

Hi Andy-- I am a little confused about the facebook and email versions of
xmca/mca. They are somewhat different media with different social
affordances; sometimes more social stuff get done
on xmca, sometimes important theoretical ideas are discussed in the
ambience of facebook.

No experience here. What would people like?

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Andy Blunden <
notification+h-7-_um_@facebookmail.com> wrote:

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>  Andy Blunden posted in Mind Culture Activity<http://www.facebook.com/n/?groups%2F14528630028%2F10151247504060029%2F&mid=597e9aaG3212ac93G84b5dc0G96&bcode=lDR5AtCk&n_m=lchcmike%40gmail.com>
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>  [image: Mind Culture Activity is the journal for...]<http://www.facebook.com/n/?profile.php&id=813495827&mid=597e9aaG3212ac93G84b5dc0G96&bcode=lDR5AtCk&n_m=lchcmike%40gmail.com> Andy
> Blunden<http://www.facebook.com/n/?profile.php&id=813495827&mid=597e9aaG3212ac93G84b5dc0G96&bcode=lDR5AtCk&n_m=lchcmike%40gmail.com> 6:41pm
> Feb 4
> Mind Culture Activity is the journal for Cultural-Historical Activity
> Theory - a current ofcultural psychology originating in the USSR, with Lev
> Vygotsky, A N Leontyev and A R Luria.
> Join the listserv at http://lchc.ucsd.edu/MCA/<http://www.facebook.com/l/4AQGEWGLH/lchc.ucsd.edu/MCA/>
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