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[xmca] Searching xmca archives / deliberative activity


I've just subscribed to this list and in relation to my phd work I'd like to investigate some aspects of the splintered history of activity theory. Rather than bore you with questions that have long been answered, or risk ramming a crowbar into Pandora's box, I'd like to search the archives. But the search facility seems to be broken. What can I do?

My research work is in the area of public engagement with deliberative processes like citizens juries, planning cells (Germany), 21st Century Town Halls, citizens assemblies, study circles, World Cafes, etc. My interest is in the application of activity theory to help design such processes. Consider deliberative activity to be political analogue of constructivist learning activity. If there is anybody else here with an overlapping interest (in addition to Andy who lives a tram ride away from me in Melbourne and has already been a great help, thank you!) I'd be pleased to have a conversation about it.


Ron Lubensky, Research Associate
Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy
University of Western Sydney, Australia
mobile: 0411 412 626
skype: rlubensky__________________________________________
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