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[xmca] Current edition of Theory & Psychology

The current edition of Theory & Psychology looks very special. I admit I have at this stage only actually read the article by Mike Cole, Robert Lecusay and Deborah Downing-Wilson, but it is a special issue on CHAT and interventionist methodology, with articles by a number of people from Yrjo Engestrom's CRADLE and also Falk Seeger, who is guest editing the Special Issue of MCA on Emotions.

Mike's article elaborates on what the participants call a "mutual appropriation" approach to developing theory and practice. Instead of implementing a project design and then modifying it in the light of the reseacher's experience, the researchers go in to a local community with very open ended ideas about how and what they want to achieve, and engage with their community partner, learn about their (the partner's) project, offer assistance and resources and share knowledge and objectives and .... mutually appropriate. The article describes the results of a specific project which is an exemplar of "mutual appropriation" which has grown out of the 5thD after-school programs which LCHC began in the 1980s.

The article is actually very moving. I personally think that this kind of work is tackling the main problem in front of us cultural-historical cultural psychology people today. If you don't subscribe to Theory & Psychology, I don't know how you can get to read the paper. Maybe someone has a solution there. But it is a must read. I will read the remaining articles in the special issue, but this is a real high.


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