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Re: [xmca]schools-without-computers-by-choice-and-conviction-that-they-dont-help-kids

On 26 October 2011 13:03, Michael Glassman <MGlassman@ehe.osu.edu> wrote:

> [...]
> There is also the idea of who is actually interviewed in the article and
> quote in the blog post.  The head of e-bay isn't really that much of a
> technology person, more of a businessman, and I believe a strong
> libertarian.  Don't assume the Silicon Valley people have that good a grasp
> of education.  Remember Bill Gates (I know, he's Seattle) and his
> foundation are in my opinion doing more harm than good to open and
> progressive education.

Hi Michael,

Out of interest, what flavour of objection do you have to the Gates

My thoughts were about the cautionary ideas exemplified by Ivan Illich
(secondary problems introduced by institutionalising monetarily poorer
countries and the like), though I'm currently fairly ignorant of what
they're actually doing.

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