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Re: [xmca] Activity and interpsychological aspects of CHAT

Christine, I couldn't follow a lot of what you said. Never assume another person either knows what you are talking about or even less, has read the same books as you have read. Can I focus on your final comment?

christine schweighart wrote:
An example in my predicament supervising project work: irrigation in agriculture - where traditional methods and imported technologies juxtapose from different activity. Export-driven production (and national economic dependency upon this activity) degrades environmental and agricultural habitat. In these situations wisdom from indigenous local cultivation practices are sought to inform development of agricultural practice. Educationally the 'scientific concept' to do this is in action-research, and training programmes require the stance of action-research for the leading edge 'peasant farmers' (even the term in English has an historical pejorative connotation which is unhelpful...).
I tend to think that 99% of the issue in this kind of work is in the initial setting up of the program, making sure that what you are trying to has the full-hearted support and understanding of everyone involved. THese situations usually take a century to resolve, so take your time, eh? Does this happen?


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