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Re: [xmca] Activity and interpsychological aspects of CHAT

Dear Andy,
 I recently used Winnicot as a start to begin to explore conceptual tool in a discussion. My impression was that Winnicot 's transitional object provides an understanding of  emotional transition  ( and often of an individual person) rather than acquiring and being transformed by 'conceptual reasoning'  in activity in the acquisition and changing a psychological horizon related to an experienced predicament. 
Separation of emotional and rational is not helpful, and Fernando Gonzalez Rey's article draws out how personal sense relates to  orient to motive of activity , and from that to imagine goal directed action. Also his article brought out how much attention is given to internalising, but perhaps not  'externalising' difference . 
I was taken by the discussion of 'communication ' in social relations as outside activity or project, when encountering on-going activity in  being drawn towards a need to participate would seem to be a moment when expression of alterity is already a social relation, not yet motivated in activity, and not yet designing an imagined goal, a social relation which  calls for externalising through personal sense, in emotionally oriented and also  historical dispositional 'meeting'.

My predicament is my understanding  is that 'global' ideological causes displace local developmental transformation without such an understanding, relevant in sustainable developmental intervention. 
 I'm struggling in my predicament to situate creativity in transformative agency.
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