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Re: [xmca] Fernando Rey - Path to Subjectivity

Yes, and I can see the relation between what Fernando is saying and what Jussis article is about - the three different periods in Vygotsky's way of thinking ... or three simulatanously ways of thinking ???

Anyway, I loved the way, Silvonen is closing by letting Foucault say, that Vygotsky is:
“Founders of discursivity are unique in that they are not just
the authors of their own works. They have produced something else:
the possibilities and the rules for the formation of other texts. They have
established an endless possibility of discourse.” (Foucault 1991b, 11.)


Den 09-10-2011 05:03, mike Cole skrev:
Thanks jussi&  Larry
Looking forward to reading

On Oct 7, 2011, at 8:00 AM, Jussi Silvonen<jussi.silvonen@uef.fi>  wrote:

Hi Larry!

You - and others interested in - can find the published version of my paper on my home page:


There is also a paper (Foucault and Leontyev) where I try to situate Leontyev and the beginnings of activity theory in Soviet discursive practices.

Jussi Silvonen
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Hi Mike

On this topic [Rey's framing of Vygotsky's legacy as located in distinct
periods] I've just finished reading an article by Jussi Silvonen titled
"Vygotsky's Plural Discourse on the Human Mind".
It was helpful in my attempting to orient to this discussion. I can send an
attachment if others are interested. It is a summary of a lecture he
presented at ISCAR in 2005.

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