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RE: [xmca] Fernando Rey - Path to Subjectivity

Hi Larry!

You - and others interested in - can find the published version of my paper on my home page:


There is also a paper (Foucault and Leontyev) where I try to situate Leontyev and the beginnings of activity theory in Soviet discursive practices.


Jussi Silvonen
PhD, Adjunct Professor
School of Educational Sciences and Psychology
University of Eastern Finland
P.O. Box 111
FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland

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Hi Mike

On this topic [Rey's framing of Vygotsky's legacy as located in distinct
periods] I've just finished reading an article by Jussi Silvonen titled
"Vygotsky's Plural Discourse on the Human Mind".
It was helpful in my attempting to orient to this discussion. I can send an
attachment if others are interested. It is a summary of a lecture he
presented at ISCAR in 2005.

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