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[xmca] Our brains may sleep no more on the Internet

I wonder if other people are as interested in the juxtaposition of these two articles that are essentially about the same thing.  The first is an interview with Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist.  Supposedly this interview, in which she claims the way the brain works is being qualitatively changed by the Internet is making quite a stir
I hope the link works.
The second is an article is a discussion about a play Sleep No More in New York.  It is not only the hottest play among theater types in New York but a very new style of theater that the writer of the article suggests is based in computer games more than Shakespeare (it is based on McBeth).  It sounds extraordinary.  I know people traveling from all over the East Coast to catch this.  The style as a whole is not completely new, it is proscenium theater which has been around for a few years, but....well just read the article - really Shakespeare in the Internet age.  
Really, I wonder, what would Cultural Historical theory have to say to all this - really this all started with Stanislavsky.  Is Shakespeare in the Internet Age the same as a grasshopper in Russian?  It makes you think.


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