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[xmca] Numbers - Natural or Real?

I don't really have an opinion on this matter, but I would be interested in listening in on those who may have an informed opinion.
I see two different approaches to the teaching of mathematics.

   One takes the /Natural/ Numbers as the basic concept of the subject
   The Other takes the /Rational/ Numbers as the basic concept of the

   One takes /counting/ as the basic Action
   The Other takes /comparison/ of two lengths as the basic Action.

   One situates the basic Action within a /Discourse/
   The Other situates the basic Action within /Activity/

   One is represented by /Anna Sfard /(see
   One is represented by /V V Davydov/ (eg

Now, I am not really interested in maths teaching, but I am interested in the relation between Discourse Analysis and Activity Theory. It seems to me that the two concepts, though different, are not at all incompatible. Perhaps practical experience with these two approaches would shed light on the relation between Discourse and Activity and how it could be best reflected in theory?

Any thoughts my friends?

*Andy Blunden*
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