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[xmca] Fwd: The Resurgence of the Culture of Poverty


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Subject: The Resurgence of the Culture of Poverty
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 Individual and Structural Attributions for Poverty and Persistence in
Family Literacy Programs: The Resurgence of the Culture of
by Esther Prins & Kai A. Schafft
 This article uses interview data to analyze how family literacy
practitioners articulate individual versus structural explanations of
poverty and adult persistence in family literacy programs. Contrasting
practitioner explanations with the views and experiences of adult learners,
we argue that individualistic explanations and the "culture of poverty"
framework continue to shape professional discourse within family literacy.

 Navigating Disparate Pathways to College: Examining the Conditional Effects
of Race on Enrollment
by Mark E. Engberg & Gregory C. Wolniak
 This article proposes a series of statistical models to understand the
college choice process and explores the possibility that the process and
underlying factors that influence matriculation may differ depending on
one's racial group membership.

 Book Reviews
 Learning in a Burning House: Educational Inequality, Ideology, and
(Dis)Integration <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=16411>
 by Sonya Douglass Horsford
reviewed by David Stovall
 Civic Learning through Agricultural Improvement: Bringing "the Loom and the
Anvil into Proximity with the
 by Glenn P. Lauzon
reviewed by Jon E. Pedersen
 Principal Leadership in Taiwan
 by Roger Shouse and Kuan-Pei Lin
reviewed by Edmond Law
 Customized Schooling: Beyond Whole-School
 by Frederick M. Hess and Bruno V. Manno (eds.)
reviewed by Theodore Kowalski
 Balancing Acts: Youth Culture in the Global
 by Natasha Kumar Warikoo
reviewed by Bob Fecho

 Keith Barton discusses his paper, co-authored with Stephen Thornton, "Can
History Stand Alone? Drawbacks and Blind Spots of a "Disciplinary"
Curriculum" <http://www.tcrecord.org/content.asp?contentid=16009>.
 Our Ailing Economy and the Education
by Denise Gelberg
Policy makers and business leaders often point to our K-16 education system
as the cause of our economic ills. The oft-heard refrain is that a reformed
system of education will lead America into economic health during this age
of global economic competition. The author questions this great faith in the
transformative power of education given the realities facing youngsters
today. Growing income inequality, unaffordable higher education, and paltry
growth in jobs that pay a living wage conspire to rob education of its
promise for too many of today's children.
  2011 NSSE Yearbooks and Call for Proposals for Future
The editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to announce the
yearbook topics for 2011 and issue a call for new proposals.

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