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Re: [xmca] Six key points on sociocultural models of development


Your question deserves a thoughtful answer, and to provide this I will need to read the article again; it's over a decade ago that we wrote it. I won't have time to do this, unfortunately, until next week at the earliest.

Meanwhile, is it something I wrote that leads you to distinguish between "mediation through other
persons AND mediation through artifacts"? On the face of it I would agree with Andy, that the two go hand in hand, or even that they are not separate: we continually relate to others, in a way that is necessarily mediated by artifacts. If I wrote something in 2001 that contradicts what I've just said, please let me know!

On Jun 22, 2011, at 12:38 AM, Larry Purss wrote:

> My question to Martin was my attempt to understand our fundamental need for
> recognition, [self/other], and how this fundamental need is transformed by
> cultural-historical institutional arrangements

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