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Re: [xmca] Spamming

No problem, Carol!!
I think that all of us are used to junk floating by, both spam and ham!

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 3:30 AM, Carol Macdonald <carolmacdon@gmail.com>wrote:

> To all the people in my address book, however a remote connection:
> I have been the subject of a spam and hack. A Website called Click and
> Flirt
> stole my identity by giving me a fictitious one with my first name, and
> then
> sent invitations to flirt to many, many people in my address book.  I don't
> know how they did so, but after a strongly worded message to them, I have
> been assured my name is no longer on the data base.
> *However, they also told me that messages will continue to go out for
> another 5 days.*  During that time please ignore messages that come from
> Carol1243, which is the fictitious name.
> I do hope you understand.  I am mortified to be the subject of hacking like
> this.  Please also remember, when you are sending out or forwarding group
> messages to use the *Bcc window to prevent spamming*. You will see above
> that the scores of adddresses are hidden, and only one address remains in
> the Cc box.
> Apologies again
> Carol
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