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[xmca] Spamming

To all the people in my address book, however a remote connection:

I have been the subject of a spam and hack. A Website called Click and Flirt
stole my identity by giving me a fictitious one with my first name, and then
sent invitations to flirt to many, many people in my address book.  I don't
know how they did so, but after a strongly worded message to them, I have
been assured my name is no longer on the data base.

*However, they also told me that messages will continue to go out for
another 5 days.*  During that time please ignore messages that come from
Carol1243, which is the fictitious name.

I do hope you understand.  I am mortified to be the subject of hacking like
this.  Please also remember, when you are sending out or forwarding group
messages to use the *Bcc window to prevent spamming*. You will see above
that the scores of adddresses are hidden, and only one address remains in
the Cc box.

Apologies again

Visiting Lecturer
Wits School of Education
Research Fellow
Linguistics Dept: Unisa
HOME (please use these details)
6 Andover Road
Johannesburg 2092
+27 (0)11 673 9265   +27 (0)82 562 1050
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