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Re: [xmca] Word Meaning and Concept

On 15 June 2011 16:52, Tony Whitson <twhitson@udel.edu> wrote:

> Put most briefly, for anybody who is interested:
> Signs potentiate interpretation. That is what signs do.

I'm happy with "This is what signs do for us."

> That's what semiosis (the activity of signs) is. This is the _semiosic_
> activity of triadic sign relations.

Signs have no inherent activity.  Perhaps you mean the activity of using

> The meaning of a word consists of the interpretation that the word (qua
> sign) potentiates.
That looks more promising.

> Weights resist the muscular activity of lifting. This is dynamic physical
> action (not tradic semiosic activity). In this capacity, the weight is just
> a thing, and not a sign.

Mental activity is a dynamic physical action.

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