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Re: [xmca] Word Meaning and Concept

On 15 June 2011 14:53, Tony Whitson <twhitson@udel.edu> wrote:

> The OED reflects the existing usage of words.
> Semiotics explores and attempts to account for the nature of signs and sign
> activity, including the nature of the meaning that signs do, and how signs
> do their meaning.
> Semiotics is not about deference to common usage, any more than is CHAT.
Which is why distinct terms are used.

If by "The meaning of a word is something the word does", you mean the
active system of mental representations in which the word meaning (a set of
relations) inheres and participates with other word meaning in particular
contexts, then we need to dig into this system to identify which aspects
relate to the defined word, and which relate to the system in which it
participates.  Care must be taken not to confuse the defined thing with the
system it participates in.  Words (like the weights of weight lifter) don't
(on their own) do anything, the system they participate in does the doing.

This is simply my opinion.  It's fairly self-evident to me, and it's not
something I'm deeply interested in pursing, relative to other interests.
So, hopefully, I've answered the question put to me, and can let you get on
with your ruminations.

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