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Re: [xmca] catharsis and category, OR to hell with "category" as "dramatic collision"! :)

On 14 June 2011 17:04, Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just a remark, on "kategoriia". The whole theory of "Psychology as drama"
> that
> Nikolai Veresov constructed is based on the idea of importance and a fairly
> idiosyncratic interpretation of a word "kategoriia" that occurs in a couple
> of
> Vygotsky's texts of 1930. Thus, I do not believe believe that Nikolai is
> going
> to easily withdraw from his position that creators of original theories
> typically defend until the last drops of their blood. If I am not mistaken,
> in
> his presentation Nikolai criticizes the Mind in Society for dropping this
> "kategoriia" word out of the "main law of development", which, by the way,
> Vygotsky quite correctly attributes to Pierre Janet. On the tape, in part 2
> on
> vimeo online Dr. Veresov accuses in fatal inaccuracy the
> translators/creators of
> Mind in Society (1978) and goes as far as to claim that, quoting from the
> video
> lecture:
>  ...the "Category" is the key word here. If you cut away the "category",
> the
> word "category" when you are translating, you are just killing the message,
> you
> are just killing the meaning of the law, of the formulation of the law
> (18:55
> -19:13).
> http://vimeo.com/groups/chat/videos/10226589
> [END of QUOTE]
Anton, I interpret this as an enrichment, or elaboration.  It is, for me,
basically referring to the notion that the involvement of affect predisposes
us to learn, which is otherwise missing from this central axiom.

This, to my mind, does not contradict the second quote.  The 2nd translation
does not, for instance, say that all inter-psychological functions become
intra-psychological functions.  If it did, this would be a contradiction.

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