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[xmca] catharsis and category

I have been watching Nikolai Veresov's videos on vimeo. I refer to No. 2 in particular: http://vimeo.com/groups/chat/videos/10226589 In this talk, Nikolai is explaining his view of the development of Vygotsky's theory of the development of the high mental functions through the appropriation of social functions, and in doing so, he appears to be mistaking the English word "category" for the English word "catharsis." This is very interesting, because one of the hurdles we have to overcome to understand "perezhivanie" involves a word translated into English as "catharsis" (and it is this meaning that I presume Nikolai is talking about), which is an important part of the process of development initiated by a perezhinvanie, which on its own, without "catharsis" (or reflecting upon the personal dramatic episode), will not stimulate development. Nikolai also places a lot of emphasis on the dramatic metaphor being used by Vygotsky in his explanation here, which makes a lot of sense in relation to the way I understand the meaning of perezhivanie. As an aside, I should note that Nickolai seems to be giving some credence to David Ke's suggestion about the meaning of the Russian word translated as "plane" in a theatrical context, and something akin to a theatrical stage, rather than a stage on a journey.

I wonder if one of our Russoglots could offer some advice here. What is this Russian word variously translated as "category" or "catharsis"?

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