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[xmca] Working with Vygotsky et al

So it looks like I've been posting to xmca for a week or so, which has been
fun.  There's been challenging things to think about and plenty on education
and psychology, where I'm pleased to note a great deal of interest.

I've been pleasantly surprised too by some emails thanking me for posting,
and a few polite enquiries about my background.  So I thought I'd share with
you a few things I'm mulling over and see if it resonates with any ideas.

I currently live in London, with my wife.  For the last 10 years or so since
finishing my first course of formal studies (BSc Computing Science, MSc
Cognitive Science) I've worked on various software systems for different
businesses.  This has entailed extensive amount of work in areas of
modelling, analysis, programming, etc.  Although in addition to the
ostensive work, delivering systems that fill some business requirements,
there has also been the interesting area of working with people in
(scientifically) conceptually intensive domains.

Hopefully some of you will not be surprised if I say that I have continued
with my own studies outside of working commitments.  As part of this
endeavour I thought it would be fun to study for a part-time psychology
degree, which, bar some juggling with trying to do an interesting project, I
completed a year or so ago.  Qualifications are still important in the UK,
so any interest in pursuing further work in psychology benefits from a
degree (particularly applied areas).

So, the thoughts I am wondering about now are:

1, Are there opportunities in areas of educational psychology potentially
open to me now, that would sustain a modest income?  There are phds, yes,
but is there anything else I might be missing?

2, How formalised are entry criteria to these various opportunities? (I have
noted the tendency in the software world for considerable mismatch at times
between what is asked for and what is needed, often more rigidity on the
formal when less is understood about the work).

3, How much extra ground work in say, education, is required?

I appreciate that most of xmca members are in America, though I'd have
thought much of the logic still holds.  Be
sides, I'm sure it'd be an interesting topic.

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