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[xmca] Re: XMCA process-form diagrams

On 25 April 2011 08:28, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Huw-- I share your sense of it being desireable to sort through the
> various ideas batted around concerning concepts, meaning, etc. But it seems
> that perspectives of contributors to the discussion (speaking for myself, at
> least) are too shaky on the variety of distinctions to be able to fit them
> into an excel file.
No problem, Mike.

> I was wondering before seeing your note if it would be possible to render
> your
> --->>   <<---- charts in pdf files as a way of getting the temporal
> sequencing
> and directionality you were proposing into commonly recognizable formats
> for joint inspection. Is the doable without too much expenditure of time?
> mike
Attached is a pdf.


Attachment: process_form_differentiation.pdf
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