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RE: [xmca] on queering Digital Media and Learning

Hi Jenna,
I wonder if one of the issues we are dealing with right now is a way to move from understanding digital media descriptively to understanding it as a proactive force in people's lives.  Part of the problem is that the Web itself is like a petri dish for development and different types of engagement, links and connections naturally occur, and they can often occur very fast.  You wonder if it is best just to let what is happening to evolve unimpeded, in part because we have so little understanding of it.  At the same time perhaps the chance to build cooperative, non-egoistic communities may be an opportunity too difficult to pass up.  The best communities I have come across on the Web were started by visionaries who were constantly adapting to build the most postive types of communities, such as Linus Torvald with Linux or Markos Maloutsis with the DailyKos.
It seems to me that your ideas on queering digital media fall more on the proactive side where I think we are just beginning (really, considering how pervasive the Internet/Web is in people's lives it is extraordinary how little it has actually been incorporated into learning, changing the way we actually do learn) - although as somebody who has been following this from the beginning suggested to me, perhaps it is being integrated into learning a great deal, but just not being documented that much.  I think there also might be a tension in the type of communities that evolve.  My hunch is that the proactive side work much better with completely Open communities, and yet there is still so much bigotry and ignorance in everyday lives that truly Open communities for youth concerning subjects such as this may be problematic.


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Subject: [xmca] on queering Digital Media and Learning

Several members of this listserv attended the recent MacArthur 
Foundation-sponsored Digital Media & Learning Conference in Long 
Beach, California. During and since the conference, I've been involved 
in conversations about a notable lack of queer studies-focused work in 
this year's program. Some of this conversation is accessible online, 
on danah boyd's blog and on mine. (Links: http://www.jennamcwilliams.com/2011/03/28/some-thoughts-on-queering-dml
  and http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2011/03/24/the-politics-of-queering-anything.html.)

Most of the people I've talked with about this issue come from the 
"digital media" side of Digital Media & Learning, and I've been 
wondering about folks who fall more on the "learning" side of things. 
It seems to me that there's a general lack of attention given to 
integrating queer studies work with learning theory and work in 
educational research, though with a few (extremely notable) 
exceptions. I wonder if xmca folks have thoughts on this issue that 
might help me figure out the true lay of the land in this respect.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have. (And, of course, if 
you WANTED to visit and comment on my blog and the conversation I've 
been having with danah in the comments section there, I would 
certainly not be offended by this.)

best to all,


Jenna McWilliams
Learning Sciences Program, Indiana University
http://www.jennamcwilliams.com <http://www.jennamcwilliams.com/> 


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