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Re: [xmca] Human Sciences Scholar life?

I think all of us recognize this scene, Wagner.

At LCHC we are discussing these issues. "We" includes grad students,
old people like me. We are lucky that the interpersonal alienation at LCHC
is lower than that depicted (although it is in abundant profusion among
those around us). But difficulties for grad students contemplating making a
living in academia are pretty grim, especially outside of the presumably
"non-ideological" areas of science and technology (where a different set of
alienating circumstances are plentiful).

We have no great revelations but we are grateful that we have adopted an
intellectual stance that makes the study of human life in cultural practices
our grounding. we are trying to work that into an implementable strategy for
surviving graduate school and gaining acceptable employment.

What are others doing? What more might we be doing collectively?
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