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[xmca] Possible interested people?

From: Wolff-Michael Roth <mroth@uvic.ca>

*From: *Paola Ximena Valero Dueñas <paola@learning.aau.dk>
*Date: *February 25, 2011 4:59:06 AM PST
*To: *Wolff-Michael Roth <mroth@uvic.ca>
*Subject: **Possible interested people?*

We have a position in our group for a science educator. Would you please
help me distributing this among your former students and colleagues?

At Aalborg University in the group “SMERG” (Science and Maths education
research group) (see *
*) we have a position opened for an associate (eventually assistant
professor) in science education from socio-cultural perspectives.
See add: *http://stillinger.aau.dk/show.php?list=1967

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