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[xmca] What Is the Ifaluk Ethno-theory of Emotions?

I was reading Andre Vagan's "Towards a Sociocultural Perspective on Identity Formation in Education" on the subway last night and I came across this, on p. 48:
"The meaning of these words cannot be fully grasped from an analysis of the words alone: The analyst must also come to an understanding of the Ifaluk ethno-theory of emotions that underlies the words."
These words appear completely out of context. The previous sentence is about the world of romance in colleges. The next sentences are about medical students. The meaning of these words cannot, indeed, be fully grasped from the analysis of the words alone.
Perhaps some creative editing has occurred. But in any case, I am intrigued. What is the Ifaluk ethno-theory of emotions?
David Kellogg
Seoul National University of Education

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