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[xmca] Fwd: [Air-L] Semantic technologies and Education

This topic seems like it should be of interest to us all.
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From: Klobucar, Philip A. <Philip.Klobucar@njit.edu>
Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 6:48 PM
Subject: [Air-L] Semantic technologies and Education
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Dear listserv,

A recent panel I was on at the Writing Across Borders conference in Fairfax,
VA discussed varying levels of confidence among writing professors in
automated scoring technologies. I have been working consistently in my field
(Digital Humanities) over the past year, looking at advances in
natural-language processing and their effect on writing curricula. Different
software developers alert me from time to time to their projects in semantic
technology and AI, wondering how such work may be used in education and

So... My request: As this field begins to mature, I'm wondering what kind of
collections or archives already exist regarding semantic or language
processing technology and education. My index so far seems quite minor. Is
anyone on this list analyzing these developments?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Klobucar

Assistant Professor

Communication and Media

Department of Humanities

New Jersey Institute of Technology

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