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[xmca] Glick on development, layering, contexts etc

Looking for something else, I came across this statement of ideas by Joe
who once was active on xlchc/xmca. They strike me as relevant to various
of XMCA discussion. Joe was a student of Werner and Kaplan.

Substantively, I have been interested in developing a conception of
development and of developmental change which identifies the "layered"
aspect of psychological functioning, where one sees developmental processes
as composed on multiple levels, with multiple levels of influence operating,
with shifting patterns of dominance, depending on the particulars of
situation. Thus, developmental theory would have to develop both a language
to describe the layering of processes and a language to describe the
powerful aspects of the situation. This work has been explored both in
cross-cultural studies of people in Africa, Mexico and the United States, as
well as in studies of adult development in changing workplaces, both in the
United States and in Germany.
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