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Re: [xmca] Natural/Cultural Lines/

Thanks, Mike.  Barsalou's work is interesting. He is exploring the possibility that what we call concepts are in-the-moment, on-line and dynamic - what he calls 'simulations' of experience. His work is certainly still situated in cognitive science, but it is moving in a direction we might applaud.

Barsalou, L. W. (2005). Abstraction as Dynamic Interpretation in Perceptual Symbol Systems. In L. Gershkoff-Stowe & D. Rakison (Eds.), Building object categories. (pp. 389-431). Majwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

On Jul 13, 2010, at 10:46 AM, mike cole wrote:

> I would like to take up Steve Gabosch's suggestion a few days back that the
> discussion about
> precepts/concepts etc be viewed in terms of the natural( phylogenetic) and
> cultural (socio-historical) lines of development a la LSV. There are a lot
> of aspects to the discussion I am still finding confusing and am struggling
> to related to LSV's writings. But I am hoping it will help to consider
> recent work in what
> are referred to as the "social neurosciences." A variety of this work (I
> attach some examples, one a review)
> appears to make an argument that there are levels of processing information
> about the self and the environment, including others in the environment,
> that do not reach the level of the cortex and happen very rapidly, perhaps
> involving cortical processes in a later stage of processing -- or so the
> story goes. These
> "cognitive" phenomena appear to akin to what people are discussing about
> percepts.
> On this topic domenstically (as in dinner last night). We had a great
> ministrone that both my wife and I found especially delicious. But we could
> not, even in extended discussion, name the apparently shared feeling of
> excellent taste. We could remember the ingredients, speculate and what might
> have led to the
> neat combination, but could not name "it" although we could both distinguish
> it.
> For those interested.
> mike
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