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[xmca] Natural/Cultural Lines/

I would like to take up Steve Gabosch's suggestion a few days back that the
discussion about
precepts/concepts etc be viewed in terms of the natural( phylogenetic) and
cultural (socio-historical) lines of development a la LSV. There are a lot
of aspects to the discussion I am still finding confusing and am struggling
to related to LSV's writings. But I am hoping it will help to consider
recent work in what
are referred to as the "social neurosciences." A variety of this work (I
attach some examples, one a review)
appears to make an argument that there are levels of processing information
about the self and the environment, including others in the environment,
that do not reach the level of the cortex and happen very rapidly, perhaps
involving cortical processes in a later stage of processing -- or so the
story goes. These
"cognitive" phenomena appear to akin to what people are discussing about

On this topic domenstically (as in dinner last night). We had a great
ministrone that both my wife and I found especially delicious. But we could
not, even in extended discussion, name the apparently shared feeling of
excellent taste. We could remember the ingredients, speculate and what might
have led to the
neat combination, but could not name "it" although we could both distinguish

For those interested.

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