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RE: [xmca] New Conceptual Image Example

No Mike, but another Australian is awake :-) and like Andy, I recalled the
similarity between this and the example of gestalt which he attached ...
although I didn't understand what you meant when you asked for a
microgenetic introspective report so didn't think I could contribute, but
anyway, this is how I interpreted meaning from the image:

Once I noticed the bird - fish pattern and recognised the similarity between
this and the original image, my eyes were drawn to the pelican because of
the oil dripping from it, then I noticed the colour of the 'water'. On
closer examination I saw the turtle, and interpreted the image as depicting
the animal life affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. 

Because you were asking for something I didn't quite understand, I reflected
on the image further and noticed how they were all heading in one direction:
away from the disaster ... which led me to question the irony of all this:
that despite being covered in oil, these creatures are flying and swimming
as per normal, which sadly, is not the reality of the situation.

That probably hasn't answered your question, but nevertheless, it certainly
is a clever and thought provoking piece of work and a great one for

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Interesting, Andy.
What else might be there?
Any Americans awake to take a peak?

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 5:58 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> Yes, I used almost this exact image on my PowerPoint to illustrate
> "Gestalt" when I did my talks on CHAT in April. (See Attached) So my
> microgenetic report is somewhat invalidated. I recognised it as an Escher
> drawing (or in his style) immediately ... so I began by presuming that the
> white and black figures were both birds, and only then realised that the
> black / white figures were birds / fishes, and then only because you asked
> did I notice the variation in species and finally the tortoise, so I
> to think of Darwiniam themes ... and finally wondered what the pelican had
> in its mouth and why?
> Andy
> mike cole wrote:
>> The New Yorker has done it again. If you have a minute, take a look at
>> this
>> week's cover.
>> In the process of looking new meanings will emerge. How they emerge
>> appears
>> to differ from person to person. I would REALLY appreciate a microgenetic
>> introspective report from anyone with the time. I have now collected
>> examples of such, including my own and all three are different.
>> I sure wish I could get to ask Vygotsky and Eistenshtein to do this and
>> report to us about it!!
>> mike
>> http://archives.newyorker.com/?i=2010-07
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