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Re: [xmca] New Conceptual Image Example

Yes, I used almost this exact image on my PowerPoint to illustrate "Gestalt" when I did my talks on CHAT in April. (See Attached) So my microgenetic report is somewhat invalidated. I recognised it as an Escher drawing (or in his style) immediately ... so I began by presuming that the white and black figures were both birds, and only then realised that the black / white figures were birds / fishes, and then only because you asked did I notice the variation in species and finally the tortoise, so I started to think of Darwiniam themes ... and finally wondered what the pelican had in its mouth and why?


mike cole wrote:
The New Yorker has done it again. If you have a minute, take a look at this
week's cover.
In the process of looking new meanings will emerge. How they emerge appears
to differ from person to person. I would REALLY appreciate a microgenetic
introspective report from anyone with the time. I have now collected three
examples of such, including my own and all three are different.

I sure wish I could get to ask Vygotsky and Eistenshtein to do this and
report to us about it!!

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