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Re: [xmca] Dexter et al on schooling

Hello all: 

This discussion is near and dear to my heart.  It is the basis for why I 
work with the population of students (emotionally socially challenged 
adolescents).  When researching and writing my master's thesis Mike Cole's 
cross-cultural research was a lynch pin for what I wrote.  Although it was 
a 40 page paper it can be summarized very clearly in a few words.  Having 
cultural artifacts present during communication provide far better 
mediational properties then merely trusting that the people agree on the 
abstract principles of a word.  Furthermore, removing these cultural 
artifacts limits the ability of some people to learn skills and move 
forward in the decontextualized world of higher education. 

Anyone interested in reading further would do well to study Scribner and 
Cole's  The Psychology of Literacy!  It is a landmark study that does not 
receive its just desserts.

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