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[xmca] FW: 3rd Intl Conf on Multicultural Discourses, Hangzhou Aug 27-9, 2010


The Third International Conference on
Multicultural Discourses
Hangzhou, China, 27-29 August 2010

Following the great success of the first two tri-annual International
Conference on Multicultural Discourses in 2004 and 2007, respectively, the
Third will be held between August 27 and 29, 2010, again in Hangzhou! The
organizers are the Institute of Discourse & Cultural Studies and Centre for
Contemporary Chinese Discourse Studies, Zhejiang University, and the Centre
for Discourse & Cultural Studies, Hangzhou Normal University. The conference
is co-sponsored by Chinese Education Ministry and the Tang Yongqian
Educational Foundation. The conference is committed to: 1) enhancing
critique of cultural imperialism in scholarly discourse, 2) promoting
cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in discourse studies, 3)
advancing critical research into culturally dominant discourses, culturally
marginalized discourses and new discourses helpful to cultural coexistence,
solidarity and prosperity. For detailed information about the conference
including the list of plenary speakers, please go to CONFERENCE WEBSITE:
http://shixu.com/institute-conference (Email: discourses@zju.edu.cn;

Shi-xu, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Multicultural Discourses, would like
to announce the forthcoming special issue (5:2): African Realities of
Language and Communication in Multicultural Settings, guest-edited by K.K.
Prah, with the following papers:

1)       Prah, Kwesi Kwaa:  Introduction: African Languages and Their Usages
in Multicultural Landscapes    

2)       Chebanne, Andy: The Khoisan in Botswana - Can multicultural
discourses redeem them?  

3)       Banda, Felix: Style, repertoire and identities in Zambian
multilingual discourses    

4)       Lubinda, John: Promoting  multiculturalism  and  intercultural
dialogue  through  institutions  and  initiatives of civil  society
organizations  in  Botswana 

5)       Nkolola-Wakumelo, Mildred: The Discourse of Call Boys and Minibus
Conductors in Zambia: A Hybrid Sociolect of Identity  

6)       Prah, Kwesi Kwaa: Multilingualism in Urban Africa; Bane or Blessing

7)       Magwa, Wiseman: Revisiting the language question in Zimbabwe: A
multilingual approach to the language in education policy       

8)       Ngunga, Armindo: Monolingual education in a multilingual setting:
The case of Mozambique



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