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[xmca] FW: [ISCAR News] Vol 8 No 2

This newsletter includes links to a free online set of papers on CHAT and
disability. See http://ojs.statsbiblioteket.dk/index.php/outlines



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Subject: [ISCAR News] Vol 8 No 2


Dear ISCAR members,  


The most urgent news is that the deadline for the submission of abstracts
and proposals for the 2011 Congress has been extended to the 4th of


You can find this as well as other news in the attached ISCAR News Vol. 8 No
2 (a pdf file of 404 Kb)


Table of contents: 


A. Editorial: Good news for ISCAR PhD students - p. 2

B. New Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts for the 2011 ISCAR Congress
- p. 3

C. ISCAR Flier - Translations - p. 3

D. Call for Proposals: Venue for the Forthcoming 2014 ISCAR Congress - p. 3

E. Local & Thematic News & Events

F. News for and from PhD Students

G. International Conferences: XI International Readings dedicated to the
memory of L.S.Vygotsky "The Zone of Proximal Development of Theoretical and
Practical Psychology" - p. 11

H. New ISCAR Related Publications " - p. 11

I. In Memoriam Professor Jacques Carpay (1933 - 2010) - p. 13


The lectures given in the 1st ISCAR PhD Summer School will be online
broadcasted here: http://iscarschool.ru/?page_id=346  For more details see
the attached newsletter. 

Attached is also a discount form of 50% for ISCAR members for one of the
books presented in the newsletter. For further inquiries on this offer
contact: cust@igi-global.com,


We are looking forward to your submissions of news items (new publications,
dissertation abstracts, conference reports and announcements etc.) in all
possible languages with an English title for the next ISCAR news that will
be published in January 2011. Please write to: newsletter@iscar.org


With best wishes, 


Michalis Kontopodis

ISCAR Secretary




Emily Merko
ISCAR Administrator

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