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[xmca] Layers versus stages

Larry and others interested in attending to early infancy as part of a
discussion about development --

Attached are a few pages early from Dan Stern's book to which Larry has
pointed us. I am curious about people's thought on the "layers vs. stages"
antinomy/contrast. A couple of questions:

1. Layering appears on the surface at least to deny any process of
sublation. Is this a reasonable interpretation?

2. Layering is specifically associated with the interpersonal sphere and
ideas about the primacy of sociality from the get go and seems contrasted
with the (non-human) object sphere; sort of like
relations and modes of production. So maybe the social sphere is layered and
the object sphere undergoes stage-like transformations?

But, the two are co-constituitive in human life, so would this mean that
ontogenetic change would have features of each?

What think you?

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