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Re: [xmca] The sociocultural turn in psychology

Andy, I had a similar response when I read the excerpt.  I like the
way Martin & Kirschner supplied an heuristic framework that helps
co-ordinate the various sociocultural accounts.  I believe it could be an
excellent "tool" to help focus our dialogue on the various discourses or
traditions which have  historically developed. I also appreciate the way
Martin & Kirschner are locating our current contemporary times [the past 2
decades] as a time of creative linking up and synthesizing of the current
sociocultural turn in psychology.

Andy, I have emailed this excerpt to the other elementary school counsellors
who I work with in Vancouver [23 of us] and suggested that some of us who
are interested in this sociocultural turn could form a study group to read
this book together.  I'm curious if I'll get any response.

Andy,for the historian in you, Suzanne Kirschner has written another
fascinating book on the cultural historical roots of psychoanalysis that is
an historical  developmental account of how Freud's theory is a continuation
of our Western religious heritage.  A concrete example of how our
"traditions that constitute us as persons" emerge from specific concrete
historical circumstances.  She has an interesting intellectual background
from which to co-author this new book on the sociocultural turn in


On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 10:20 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> Quite an astounding article Larry. A good read. I've ordered the book.
> Andy
> Larry Purss wrote:
>>  I posted earlier on a new book by Jack Martin and Suzanne Kirschner
>> called
>> "The Sociocultural Turn in Psychology".  The excerpt that I've attached is
>> an excellent summary of the book.
>> For others like myself that are trying to expand their horizon of
>> understanding of the multiple traditions which are exploring CONSTITUTIVE
>> sociocultural accounts this is an excellent summary. This edited book
>> offers
>> a representative sample of the various sociocultural accounts that have
>> emerged in the last 20 years.
>> I believe it is a well written summary of the contrasting plural versions
>> of
>> sociocultural theory  which share a general orientation to psychology but
>> also are in continuing dialogue with other other.  By sending it as an
>> attachment, it will be much easier to access and download if you are
>> curious.
>> Larry
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