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[xmca] A model for innovative Psychology Department for Moscow private small liberal art college

Dear colleagues-


A rector (i.e., President) of a Russian small private liberal art college in
Moscow contacted me and asked for help. They just got private money for
organizing a new Psychology Department. She asked me about innovative ideas
of how our organize a psychology department. Some of you work or have
experienced psychology departments of being undergraduate or graduate
students there. I wonder if you have any advice what to do or not to do in
organization of a new Psychology Department that you may want to share with
the rector.







Eugene Matusov, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

School of Education

University of Delaware

16 W Main st.

Newark, DE 19716, USA


email: ematusov@udel.edu

fax: 1-(302)-831-4110

website:  <http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu/> http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu

publications:  <http://ematusov.soe.udel.edu/vita/publications.htm>


Dialogic Pedagogy Forum:  <http://diaped.soe.udel.edu/>

Description: Journey into dialogic pedagogy Matusov, E. (2009).
Journey into dialogic pedagogy. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.



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