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[xmca] Fwd: videos from yesterday's panel

I'm on the AERA standing committee on communications
and outreach, and we sponsored a session in Denver
about communicating scholarly ideas to the general
public and policymakers in plain language. The
session is available on youtube:
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  Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 07:24:36 -0600
  From: Paul Baker <pbaker@wisc.edu>
  Subject: videos from yesterday's panel
  To: lmquillan@air.org, bbirman@air.org,
  smago@uga.edu, srandol@berkeley.edu,
  graves@denison.edu, juan gilbert

  >Thank you for being a great committee.
  >Through your work and your professional network
  you were able to pull together a fabulous panel
  for us yesterday.
  >Evaluations averaged 9.3 on a scale of 10.
  >video from yesterday's panel:
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