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RE: RE: [xmca] Fleer/Hedegaard for discussion

Larry - your analysis fits with my understanding of agency, engagement and identity.  as Lave points out, these attributes do emerge out of participation within activities - 

also, while i have my own goals for the classroom, these goals are not necessarily shared by the other participants within the classroom - 

one point: you wrote -
 "What the Fleer/Hedegaard article points out is how the REGULATORY FUNCTION of socially situated institutional practices constrains [and affords] particular developmental pathways. What I want to add is the construct of ENGAGEMENT [as a movement or tension of RESPONSE and WITHDRAWAL] and how institutional structures REGULATE this function of engagement [or disengagement] "

i'm not so sure that Andrew is being confronted by "socially situated institutional practices" as what i understand to be socially situated practices operationalized by the classroom teacher(s).

the classroom teacher(s), i would think, had other ways of responding to Andrew.


Phillip White, PhD
University of Colorado Denver
School of Education
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