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[xmca] call for reviews

Dear xMCAers,

It's that time. The following is a list of books that we currently have for
review. Reviews will be published in MCA, either in print or electronically.
Submissions should be 1000 words and upon receiving the book, we ask to have
the review within three months. If you are interested in reviewing one of
the titles below, please email me at camille.campion@gmail.com.

If you have any suggestions for new releases that you think should be
reviewed in MCA, please email me.

 Thank you!

Camille Campion

MCA Copy Editor

1. (2010). *Symbolic Transformation: The mind in movement through culture
and society*. Wagoner, B. (Ed.). London: Routledge. 336 pp.

2.* Learning and expanding with activity theory. (2009). A. Sannino, H.
Daniels, & K. D. Gutiérrez (Eds.). NY: Cambridge Univerity Press. 367 pp.,
$90.00 (hardcover), $32.99 (cloth).*

3. Tanaka-Ishii, K.(2010). *Semiotics of programming. *Cambridge University
Press. 217 pp. $90.00 (hardback), $32.99 (paperback).

4. McGilchrist, I (2009) *The master and his emissary: The Divided brain and
the making of the western world*. Yale University Press. 597 pp.

5. Hill. C. S. (2009). *Consciousness*. UK: Cambridge University Press. 264
pp., $80.00 (hardcover), $29.99 (cloth)

6. (2009). *The Cambridge companion to Piaget*. U. Müller, J. I. M.
Carependale, l. Smith (Eds.). Cambridge University Press. hardback $95,
paperback $29.99. 430pp.

7. (2009). *Perspectives on human development, family, and culture*. S.
Bekman & A. Aksu-Koç (Eds.). Cambridge University Press. hardback $108.

8. Marsh, I. (2010). *Suicide: Foucault, history, and truth*.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. hardback $95, paperback $34.99.

9. (2009). *Memory in mind and culture*. P. Boyer & J. W. Wertsch (Eds.).
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. hardback $95. paperback $35.99.

10. Matusov, E. (2009). *Journey into Dialogic* *Psychology*. Nova Science
Publishers, Inc. 483 pp.

11. Sommer, D., Samuelsson. I. P., Hundeide, K. (2010). *Child Perspectives
and Children's Perspectives in Theory and Practice*. NY: Springer Science +
Business Media. 245 pp.

12. *Cultural-Historical Perspectives on Teacher Education and Development:
Learning Teaching.* Edited by Viv Ellis, Anne Edwards, Peter
Smagorinsky. Routledge. (Paperback).

13. Ito, M., Baumer, S., Bittani, M., Boyd, D., Cody, R.,Herr-Stephenson,
B., Horst, H. A., Lange, P. G., Mahendran, D., Martinez, K. Z., Pascoe, C.
J., Perkel, D., Robinson, L., Sims, C., Tripp, L. (2010). Hanging out,
Messing Around, and Geeking Out. MIT.

14. Ito, M. (2009).* Engineering Play: A Cultural History of Children's
Software (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital
Media and Learning)*. MIT.

Camille Campion
PhD Candidate
Department of Communication
University of California, San Diego

Camille Campion
PhD Candidate
Department of Communication
University of California, San Diego
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