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[xmca] fwd new online journal on practitioner research

The Center for Practitioner Research is pleased to announce that the
inaugural issue of its new online journal, i.e.: inquiry in education, is
now available at http://digitalcommons.nl.edu/ie/vol1/iss1/

The goal of this semi-annual peer-reviewed publication is to nurture and
disseminate practitioner research. The theme of the Spring 2010 issue is
"Reflection on Life's Work: Learning from Our Experience." Articles include
research studies, a commentary by Ernie Stringer (Curtin University,
Australia), invited papers by Karen Gallas and Bill Ayers, a message from
the Dean, a book review, and a description of a center for practitioner
research at Pepperdine University.

We hope you will take a moment to view the journal and share it with your
students and alumni!

Arlene Borthwick, Wendy Gardiner, and Virginia Jagla, Editors
Rob Morrison, Technical Administrator
Linnea Rademaker, Director, NCE Center for Practitioner Research
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