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Re: [xmca] The strange situation

Dear Martin and Everyone,
First, thank you for your work, Martin, which truly helps all of us to develop a wider context of understanding. And, although I feel so extremely embarrassed to send the article by Gennadi Kravtsov, I will do it. The reasons for my doubt are obvious….it is an edited version of an English translation, without the Russian text, and some of it was simply deleted because it was not understandable for me. The editing took a tremendous amount of time, with a strange feeling for me. But, it is a very good article and speaks to some of the issues Martin raised about voluntary control (yes, Gennadi’s deep interest is volition) and conscious awareness, great points of relevance. Gennadi gave this speech at the Summer School 2009, and many received the English paper, translated by Anton Maximov. I cannot say much about the Golden Key schools right now, without time to truly think things through, and again I am embarrassed. I have been involved with the Golden
 Key schools since 1999, and have much video footage, and one attempted documentary video in particular (Azov in 2004) where Elena Berezhovskaya speaks about the history of the Golden Key Schools. Perhaps someone would like to help put English sub-titles to that video? Nik Veresov and others were at the First Vygotsky Summer School in Belaya Kalytva in 2000, and could perhaps add something. This past summer was the second Summer School, again in Belaya Kalytva, and most of the participants filmed for hours. Colette Murphy and Susan Edwards gave a tremendous overview of the Golden Key Kindergarten we visited at the Vygotsky conference in Moscow in November, and I am hoping they will send their thoughts. Over the years, others on this listserv have visited the Golden Key schools and have filmed while there. Please share your information with all.  I will try to put some things together in the next few months, and perhaps others would like to do that as
 well. Mike and his team put up some Russian video clips on the following site: http://lchc.ucsd.edu/DissEdu/RussianLectures/---and at the bottom of the page there are two videos of the Summer program in 2006 for Elena’s students and teachers at various Golden Key Schools. Those videos are in Russian. Right now, I don’t have the free time needed to try and start a project myself, but this topic is very important for us to all understand. Elina sent out information on the 3rd Summer School in July, and it would be great if more people could attend. In closing, I am not in the field of childhood development, and feel that others should be speaking….Marilyn Fleer is the Western person who has made the most attempts at understanding Elena’s thoughts on the Golden Key schools, and I feel sure that we will be hearing from her in future, once she has found the time to put things into an overall context. And, I will be speaking with Gennadi about this
 translation soon. To all of you involved in this topic, please help us.

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> At this point, it would also be interesting to really research who has written about the ZPD in the past, and share that information. I am sending an article by Nik Veresov, which really helps to understand the general genetic law of cultural development.


There is also the special issue of New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development in 1984. Papers by Bruner, Cole, Rogoff and other well-known friends. My library supposedly provides access to this, but this morning I was unable to download the PDFs. I have sent an inquiry off to the library.

I find Veresov's article very interesting. He argues that the zoped has a dramatic character that is generally ignored. This proposal is based on his reading of the GGLCD, which in his view makes reference to two planes on a stage. I think he is probably correct. To me it is interesting that he too is treating the zoped as an example, a special case, of the general genetic law. 

Dot, I understand that you are reluctant to distribute documents until you have the author's permission, but can you point me towards information on the Golden Keys schools? Do you know if they are especially focused on voluntary control and conscious awareness? In the description on your web pages (link below), you describe the arrangement in terms of 'families,' including children of mixed ages. I know that breaking away from rigid age-grouping has been a popular idea among sociocultural researchers. Perhaps I am being too simplistic here, but the way I read chapter 6, children of different ages and stages would need qualitative distinct forms of teaching/learning. Does Golden Keys have a different view?


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