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Dear friends, I teach a course called Service-Learning in English Education,
generally enrolled by college sophomores. I'm trying to expand the readings
available to students, and am writing with a request to look at this link
and, if you know of any relevant readings, to send me the bibliographic
entry. Here's what I'm looking for in a reading:

1.       To the greatest degree possible, something that is "readable." My
students haven't shied away from the demands of highly technical books
(e.g., heavily research-based selections including books based on
dissertations), but they do appreciate something that they don't have to
slug their way through.

2.       Ideally, something that remains relevant. They do get something out
of older scholarship, but they often wonder if the data/examples hold up in
the current world.

3.       Something that has a cultural basis, i.e., something that will help
students see outside the blinders of their home/community cultures. Most of
my students come from, if not affluent backgrounds, at least the upper
tracks of their school's curriculum. One of the main purposes of my class is
to help get them in touch with the lives and experiences of students who are
considerably different from themselves (white, female, relatively

The categories I've established at the website are not hard and fast.
Rather, they are what I found in the book list I originally set up. So if
I'm overlooking anything that you believe would be important to include,
please advise.



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