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Re: [xmca] reducing redundancy: check your settings


I have also noticed that this can get out of hand.

One reason is that we don't change the subject line when we change the subject. I think that can help solve the problem.

Also, by deleting by hand a lot of the trailing prior quoted messages before hitting Send.

The problem with changing Preferences, is that it changes them for ALL your email, and I find it is usually a good idea to include one or two prior messages in a conversation for the needed context. Not just on xmca, but in e-life in general.


Jay Lemke
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On Apr 4, 2010, at 9:54 AM, mike cole wrote:

> We have some members whose emails trail all those that precede them (I think
> you are one such,
> Larry) making for sometimes horrendously long messages. That information is
> always available in the
> xmca archive so I would urge people to check to see to minimize
> unnecessarily long repititions of repititions. We are repetitive enough in
> our main messages!!
> Here is what to look for:
> "Modern" email clients like Eudora, Thunderbird, SquirrelMail,
> GMail, Outlook, MacMail, etc., all have preferences the user sets
> for composing and sending mail.
> Two popular settings are:
> * Compose messages in HTML format
> * Automatically quote the original message when replying
> Both of these come set to "On" as default.
> Find them, usually in the "Preferences" or "Settings" panel, and turn
> them off.
> Of course, if you are deliberately engaging in this practice and wish to
> continue for the virtues such
> practices may have, up to you.
> mike
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