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[xmca] reducing redundancy: check your settings

We have some members whose emails trail all those that precede them (I think
you are one such,
Larry) making for sometimes horrendously long messages. That information is
always available in the
xmca archive so I would urge people to check to see to minimize
unnecessarily long repititions of repititions. We are repetitive enough in
our main messages!!

Here is what to look for:

"Modern" email clients like Eudora, Thunderbird, SquirrelMail,
GMail, Outlook, MacMail, etc., all have preferences the user sets
for composing and sending mail.

Two popular settings are:

* Compose messages in HTML format
* Automatically quote the original message when replying

Both of these come set to "On" as default.

Find them, usually in the "Preferences" or "Settings" panel, and turn
them off.

Of course, if you are deliberately engaging in this practice and wish to
continue for the virtues such
practices may have, up to you.

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